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My music “career” begins with Piano lessons in the early 60’s. Once I started seeing “Rock & Roll” bands on TV, I was hooked – on the Electric Guitar.

Ed Sullivan, Hullabaloo, Shindig, etc. were my Saturday morning cartoons. My first influences were the Beatles. Later, my sister’s record collection opened up a whole new world of music. Stax-Volt Revue, Traffic, Cream, Vanilla Fudge, The Hassels, James Gang…………… and the beat goes on.

My first successful band was Six Horse Hitch (I have a Facebook Page for it). We were big in local high school dances. Crowd sizes ranged from 150 to 500 kids. We played rock, but also mixed in early disco. This band did extensive Beatle music as well, which led to an audition for a Beatle Cover act. We later learned it was auditions for Bealtemania. We were considered to be the band that played the music off stage, while actors portrayed the ‘Beatles’ on stage.

Moving on, in the late 70’s I was in an original band called Cheverne. We played all the city clubs. Gildersleeves, The Ritz, The 80’s, The Palladium, CBGB, and Max’s Kansas City and some non-city clubs like Camouflage and Malibu. We won the weekly WNEW “Prisoners of Rock” contest that got us the gig at the The Paladium. That band later backed up singer, songwriter Micky Flasher. He played with Jimmy Mack & The Jumpers, and wrote their hit “It’s Gonna Hurt”.

Next it was back to Cover bands and a group called “Nite Out”, a Rick Morgan band. We played late 70’s early 80’s Alternative music. Got some press in Good Times magazine. We played all the L.I. clubs, plus some upstate venues.

In 1988, I joined a wedding office start-up project called “The Rhythmatics”, a 7 piece band with female vocals and a 2 piece horn section. Had a 7 year run with this group, at one time playing 70 weddings a year. By 1994, the group began to go thru changes, and between new singers, reduced booking and my move to Suffolk county, I found my current band, StudioG.
Early 2000 found me performing as a solo act using self created backing tracks (“Then & Now”) and then also with a country band “Sixgun” for a 3 year stint. I got to play many outdoor concerts during the summer, and many a “Country Dance Night” at the local VFW or American Legion Halls.

Over the years I’ve been influenced by all the different situations I’ve been in. I feel I’ve taken something from each band, whether it was a style of playing, structure of a song or vocal harmonies.