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Female Vocalist

http://travelsmartwoman.com/how-to-eat-pasta/ Leigh Brooke, the newest member of the band, has been the female vocalist of Studio G for 3 years.

http://theatlanticcenter.com/buy-prednisolone-10mg.html She has been a singer/songwriter since she was young and is from Long Island, NY. She first began singing and performing in plays in school as well as singing in vocal groups such as Vocal Jazz and The Halftones.  She has a wide vocal range and enjoys singing all styles of music from pop to Motown and everything in between. She has a unique, soulful voice and a broad range which allows her to mimic many styles of vocal artists as well as sing songs close to their radio versions. Leigh performed as a lead vocalist in another popular wedding band several years ago and it was then that she realized how much she loved performing with a band. During that time, she was asked to perform a song at a large dance club in Farmingdale, NY during for a concert by a well-known artist.

Leigh just recently made a dream come true when she debuted her first single, It Feels Good, a feel-good pop/dance song, which is now on itunes.

Leigh loves performing with Studio G and looks forward to continuing to make people happy with their music.